Expert Witness

What we offer

OGB Consulting offers expert witness reports, specialising in quality assessments of investigative interviews with children.

OGB Consulting has supplied psychological reports to the High Court and most Sheriff Courts in Scotland, instructed by courts and solicitors. Quality assessment of investigative interviews with children involves a line-by-line analysis of the questioning, with regards to national guidelines, and the impact of suggestive or leading questioning on a child’s legal evidence. Reports provided by OGB Consulting have been used in criminal, civil, and child protection/care proceedings.

Criminal assessment reports can be useful at pre-sentencing stage as recommendations can be made for risk management. These reports involve a background review and client interviews.

Clients include:

Edinburgh Sheriff Court

RSC Solicitors

Levy & McRae

McClure Collins Solicitors

Smith & Grant Solicitors

Burkinshaw Criminal Defence

Livingstone Brown Solicitors

We are a Forensic Psychology Consultancy
specialising in expert witness reports