Children & Young People


OGB Consulting uses established risk assessment tools to assess a young person’s criminal behaviour, individual risk factors, likelihood of future offending, and risk of harm to themselves and others. Tools used for violence, sexual offending, general offending and fire-setting in young people include the following:

  • Juvenile Sex Offender Assessment (J-SOAP-II)
  • Structured Assessment of Violence Risk in Youth (SAVRY)
  • Children’s Fire-setting Interview (CFI) & Fire-setting Risk Interview (Parent- FRI)
  • Asset

As well as psychometric tests for behavioural difficulties such as anger, trauma, anxiety and empathy. Psychological reports can be provided for solicitors, social work, and the courts. These focus on the identified risk factors with recommended strategies for risk management.


OGB Consulting offers a range of treatment and therapy to help the young person understand their criminal behaviour and address the underlying issues. Risk management can include intervention work on the following:

  • general offending behavior
  • anger and/ or violence
  • victim empathy
  • alcohol/ drug misuse
  • sexual offending
  • fire-setting behavior

Therapeutic approaches will be tailored to individual needs and can include cognitive behavioural therapy, which focuses on the impact of thoughts on behavioural change. Interventions can be delivered to individuals or groups.

We are a Forensic Psychology Consultancy
specialising in expert witness reports